Sailsquare, the startup of sailing trips aims at leadership in Europe and in the world

The Parisian one is not a random location, since Sailsquare is located inside Station F , Europe’s largest startup incubator founded by Xavier Niel, and from here it controls the foreign expansion process supported by an international team led by Maxime Courtaigne and assisted by 4 different country managers – for France, the UK, Spain and Germany – with skills in digital marketing and tourism. A strategic path that aims to focus, in the immediate future, on markets in France, the UK, Spain and Germany and to focus, over the next three years, on making Sailsquare the reference player also in the US and Latin America .

By applying the concept of Airbnb to boating, in which the local skippers themselves propose boat experiences, Sailsquare has imposed a new concept of democratic sailboat, transforming tourism linked to the sea and making it more accessible and suitable for everyone, thanks to a versatile and adaptable offer according to the individual needs of users. A model translated by the sharing economy, which privileges the real needs of consumers with an intelligent and, above all, technological sharing capable of reducing costs, making nautical tourism accessible to all.

The 3 million foundraising
The constant acceleration of Sailsquare’s path has been made possible also and above all by an ambitious industrial plan supported by important rounds of investments, which has led to a collection of around 3.3 million euros (of which € 900,000 only in 2018) . To date, the business model that also aims at sailing newbies has allowed Sailsquare to establish itself as the largest market place in the world for booking sailing holidays with a community of 100,000 travelers, over 1,900 skippers and more of 20,000 holiday proposals.

“I am convinced that the success opportunities of a startup like ours are significantly influenced by the quality of the ecosystem in which it finds itself developing its offer and precisely in Paris, thanks to Station F, in which we entered after a strict selection, we have increased our opportunities for visibility and we are preparing for new and important challenges ”commented Riccardo Boatti , co-founder and CMO of Sailsquare.